What We Do

DJ's Hope 4 Hearts Foundation wishes to make a difference in the lives of heart families through emotional, educational, and financial support services.


We wish to aid these families in improving their quality of life during this most difficult time in their lives.

Most of us have been touched with the very same issues that you now face with your child, so there is no one better out there that fully understands what it is you need during this time than we do.

DJ's Senior Give Back Initiative

DJ's believes since the onset of the pandemic many of our elderly have fallen on harder times with less avenues for help. Our program will bridge that gap by offering seniors in our communities with the help they need. From help around the yard and minor repairs to picking up items they may need from a store because they fear going out themselves.

No one should be isolated in the time of need. If you know an elderly neighbor who could use a little help, please let us know.

Elderly Care

Financial Assistance


DJ's Hope 4 Hearts Foundation provides financial assistance when a new diagnosis or emergency situation arises by helping families with food, travel expenses, and lodging needs. This assistance is provided to heart families who demonstrate a great financial hardship.

Meal Vouchers & Gift Cards


Regardless of your financial situation, we provide either meal vouchers or gift cards to your hospital cafeteria, local restaurant or even a grocery store to help ensure healthy food options continue for any family struggling with an illness or financial hardships.

Care Program

The loss of a child is the most devastating experience that parents and entire families can go through. We are not taught how to deal with such a loss, and those who have not experienced this devastation can never fully understand the gravity of what you feel. When it does happen, though, our Hope 4 Hearts families do not have to go through this alone. DJ's Hope 4 Hearts Foundation is here to assist them. We are unique from other foundations in that some of our volunteers unfortunately understand exactly what you are going through during this time. To say it is extremely difficult is an understatement, but during these most difficult times, many families find the memorial process not only emotionally draining, but financially as well.

This is where our donors and volunteers can help. We have created a program that assists families in the event of a child's passing. We are honored to provide this service to those in need, and will be there for you during this entire process. You are not alone!

DJ's Toy Chest

Toy Chest

Our mobile toy chest offers a child facing a hospital stay the opportunity to dig into the toy chest, pick out a favorite toy, and bring it with them in order to help ease some of the fears they may be experiencing about their stay or procedure.

A Day of Peace


We send an invitation to families so they can enjoy an outing to the beach or the zoo to help them have a respite from handling difficult health challenges.


Basket of Love

Throughout the year, we deliver food, household supplies, toys, and more to families coping with a sick child or facing financial hardships in troubled times.

Healed Hearts Scholarship Program

As our organization grows, we will implement a yearly scholarship program. DJ's Hope 4 Hearts Foundation will award two High School graduates that have faced a heart defect a $1,000 scholarship when they enter a 4-year degree program at a school of their choice.

Closet Of Hope

We accept donations of gently used or new clothing, shoes, and other items so that we can provide them to families in need, whether helping a sick child or suffering financial hardship.


Give Others Hope