Nutrition for Tetralogy of Fallot

Although Tetralogy of Fallot can only be cured with heart surgery, these food tips can be beneficial to maintain oxygen levels which are obstructed from TOF.

Some patients may experience hypoxia where their skin turns blue due to an oxygen deficit, they may need diuretics, less salt in their diet, and intake a proper amount of water to replenish oxygen levels.

Blood circulation is important to make sure that oxygen in the blood is being distributed efficiently throughout the body and, most importantly, to the heart. Foods that support blood circulation are meant to release nitric oxide and allow blood vessels to expand which makes it easier for blood to flow through and improve circulations.

Along with blood circulation, oxygen levels must be stable to maintain energy for Tetralogy of Fallot patients with foods that are rich in iron.

Lacking vitamins like B-12 or Vitamin A can also weaken oxygen levels. Hemoglobin is responsible for maintaining oxygen in your red blood cells. Vitamin A also helps to produce red blood cells that carry oxygen in your blood.

Family Cooking

Tetralogy of Fallot patients are at risk of having irregular heartbeats. A heart healthy diet will prevent more complications such as clogged arteries or lack of nutrients to put less stress on the heart. Although it isn't necessary to completely shift your diet, make sure to eat a proper amount of vegetables, whole grains, fruit, low fat/low salt foods, and good sources of protein. Overall, a heart healthy diet is vital to keep the heart strong and to function at its full potential for patients that have experienced complications with a weak heart either from not receiving a proper amount of oxygen or having irregular heartbeats.

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