Nutrition for Pediatric Cardiomyopathy

The goal is to decrease chances of obesity and clogged arteries with the healthiest options out there. Diligently eating healthy is the most important preventative to cardiomyopathy, which includes eating less salt, less fats, and more nutrients.

Patients with cardiomyopathy are at a greater risk of obesity and clogged arteries. Preventative measures such as eating healthy and avoiding carbs is not as straightforward at a first glance, especially when there are fats we still need to be consuming and stereotypically healthy foods that can actually be harmful.

One of the most important food choices should be reducing salt intake to avoid high blood pressure. Salt is pretty much everywhere, especially in large quantities in processed or canned foods, so make sure to watch out for packaged foods with more than 350 mg of sodium. Frozen or fresh foods are some of the healthiest options without extra salt from processing.

For carbs and fats, we still need them! Just in moderation and from healthy sources.


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